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 The percentages of this tool are rounded for average conditions. If the fan mood is down, people will use more cheap seats and the other way round. If the weather is bad, people want to stay dry and will use more seats under roof and VIP boxes.

 Fill in numbers only in this way: 100000 (no gaps, no dots).

 You can choose between three coloured ways:
Yellow way: Fill in some -fields to calculate special costs or income. ..
Blue way: Fill in all -fields with your current arena. Fill in the blue -field with your new capacity. If you want, you can only fill in the blue -field. ..
Green way: Fill in your number of supporters in the green -field to calculate different total capacities. If you fill in all -fields with your current arena as well, the expansions are calculated with your current arena. ..
 You can also mix all three ways! If you think this tool is too difficult: Just fill in all fields, then it should be easy enough ;-)
Seats at the moment:
Basic seating:
Seats under roof:
VIP boxes:
New total capacity:

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